Collection: Nikki.K VIRAL Sculpted Trousers

These trousers have taken the internet by a storm and are a NIKKI.K Classic!

NIkki.K Sculpted Trousers feature an elasticated waist band and are made of exclusive fabrics specifically curated by and for Nikki.KClothing, 

Nikki.K Sculpted trousers feature a unique fit and flare pattern that helps in making your legs taller and give an illusion of height. 

They are often recommended as 'The best pants in the market' since they are great trousers for evening, formal and smart casual outfits. 

Nikki.K Sculpted trousers come in multiple colors including the signature: 

Sculpted flared trousers: Ultimate Black
Sculpted flared trousers: Midnight Blue
Sculpted flared trousers: French Wine
Sculpted flared trousers: Chocolate Brown
Sculpted flared trousers: Egg White
Sculpted flared trousers: Cherry Red
These can also be customised in other colors including Forest Green, Dark Green, Formal Grey, Light Grey, Lilac / Lavendar, Aqua Blue,